The Front Pocket Wallet" is the slimmest, genuine full
grain leather wallet ever manufactured!  Your ultra thin
Front Pocket Wallet" eliminates unsightly and
uncomfortable billfold bulge and enhances a SLIM and
STYLISH look. The Front Pocket Wallet" is designed
to mold itself to your personal body contour! In only one
or two weeks the corners will soften and bend to conform
for your for your ultimate comfort! Click here for

Theft experts, including pickpockets themselves, say the
safest place to carry money is in your front pocket. Now
you can also keep secure your important credit or debit
cards, driver's license and receipts in your front pocket.
The Front Pocket Wallet" contains no springs or metal
that can set off airport detectors, nor any magnets that
would demagnetize your bank cards.
Privacy - Side opening prevents others from observing
your money and credit cards.

The pockets of the Front Pocket Wallet" allow you to
keep your currency, important bank cards, driver's
license, and receipts all in one readily available location.
WOMEN find the Front Pocket Wallet" or the Nite Life
Wallet" perfect for shorts, slacks and small purses.
It fits conveniently into the inside jacket pocket of
women's business suits.  It is also great for walking and
jogging sportswear, fanny packs, and women's jeans
that have no back pockets.

Size: 4" x 3" x 3/16" Thick

Available in Black and Brown.